Happy 2nd birthday Ethan

After working on this site for some time, I'd decided I wanted to lauch it on a special day.  What better day than his birthday.  Ethan would have been 2 years old today.  It still feels like we lost him only yesterday, and yet it's been just over 16 months, more than twice the amount of time he was with us.  It amazing what the human mind can do to protect itself...  There have already been so many random acts in Ethan's name...I don't know where to begin.  I'd like to thank all our friends, family, and anyone who has passed on a card that they've received.  It makes us so happy to hear about all the wonderful things that have been done, and with this site, we hope to capture even more happy stories.  

Today, Christine and I will be donating a number of DVDs to a cause called Ethan's Movies.  

As we make new cards, we'll have the site put on there.  If any of our friends and family have cards currently, please, jot this site down on the back so that others may find there way here to share their stories.

Update:  After getting the website launched, Christine had a wonderful idea for spreading some cards around on this special day.  She went shopping and picked up a couple of bouquets of flowers.  We divvied them up and attached cards to them.  We then headed to the Greece-Ridge mall and distributed them randomly around the parking lot.