Happy Angelversary Ethan

Friday, the 16th marked 2 years since we lost Ethan.  But how can a day, regarded as the rememberance of your lost child, ever be considered happy?  One of the vacations we took with Ethan was to Toronto, ON.  We have a lot of good memories of Ethan from that trip.  So, we decided it would be good to get away and take a trip to somewhere with some good memories of him.  As hard as it was, I believe it was a good thing for us to do.  We visited some locations where we had taken pictures before and attempted to "recreate" some scenes.


And what better way to honor your child than to do good deeds in their name.  As we were walking down the street, we passed by a couple of homeless people.  One man had a sign which said "Spare a Smile?"  Christine saw this and thought "Ethan always had smiles to spare."  We decided to stop into a TIm Horton's and grab a couple of sandwiches and hot cocoa's to give to those less fortunate than us.

It is in times like these we realize how happy we were with Ethan.  But it is also these times where we prove to ourselves that we are not defeated, and gives us hope that maybe someday, we can be that happy once again. 


Beautiful, but also very sad.... I pray everyday that you will be that happy again soon. Love you.